Keyboard Shortcuts

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Windows / LinuxmacOS
Open a project from folderCtrlOO
Save the project to the filesystemCtrlSS
Upload the project to Google DriveCtrlUU
Start or finish editing the current document in Exclusive Edit ModeCtrlShiftEE
Switch to the next / previous open document in the projectCtrlShiftPgDn / PgUp
Switch to given open document in the projectCtrl1 - 91 - 9
Close the current documentCtrlWCtrlW
Refresh the project from the file systemCtrlRR
Refresh all loaded linked projects from the file systemCtrlShiftRR
Refresh the table viewF5F5
Expand or collapse the selected sectionSpaceSpace
Move focus up / down in the document structure / /
Move focus page up / down in the document structurePgUp / PgDn/
Move focus to the parent / the first child / the previous sibling / the next siblingCtrl / / /
Go back / forward in the link browsing historyAlt / /
Go to the object with a given IDCtrlGG
Enter searched keywordCtrlFF
Search the next document objectF3F3
Search the previous document objectShiftF3F3
Enter document filterCtrlShiftFF
Enable or disable document filterCtrlAltFF
Print the documentCtrlPP
Document Structure
Add a new item after the selected objectCtrlEnter
Add a new item as child of the selected objectCtrlShiftEnter
Add a new item before the selected objectCtrlAltEnter
Delete / undelete the selected objects including all childrenCtrlDel
Purge the selected deleted objects including all childrenCtrlShiftDel
Move the selected object up or down in the document structureCtrlShift / /
Promote or demote the selected objectCtrlShift / /
Copy the selected objects to the application and system clipboardCtrlCC
Cut selected objects to the application clipboardCtrlXX
Paste objects from the application clipboardCtrlVV
Document Objects
Open editor for the selected attributeEnter or F2 or F2
Edit the header of the selected objectCtrlHH
Edit the rich text of the selected cell in a dialogCtrlEE
Comment the selected objectCtrlDD
Add a file attachment to the selected objectCtrlShiftAA
Start link from the selected objectsCtrlLL
End link at the selected objectsCtrlShiftLL
Clear suspect flag for all outgoing links from the selected objectsCtrlJJ
Clear suspect flag for all incoming links to the selected objectsCtrlShiftJJ
Cancel selection of link source and targetEsc
Rich Text Editor
Switch between header and text description edit modeCtrlH / TH / T
Copy the selected text to the clipboardCtrlCC
Cut the selected text to the clipboardCtrlXX
Paste text from the clipboardCtrlVV
Undo the last change in the editorCtrlZZ
Redo the last change in the editorCtrlYY
Toggle bold fontCtrlBB
Toggle italic fontCtrlII
Toggle preformatted paragraph styleCtrl;;
Toggle numbered list styleCtrl11
Toggle bullet list styleCtrl88
Increase indentCtrl]]
Decrease indentCtrl[[
Create URL link or change link properties in the Edit dialogCtrlKK
Save changes and close the editorCtrlEnter
Close the editor without saving changesEsc
Set direction of selected text or elements as RTL (right-to-left)CtrlShiftXX
Set direction of selected text or elements as LTR (left-to-right)CtrlShiftZZ
Insert a non-breaking spaceCtrlShiftSpaceHyphen
Code Text Editor
Select the current lineAltLL
Select the parent syntax blockCtrlII
Select allCtrlAA
Move the current line up or downAlt / /
Copy the current line up or downShiftAlt / /
Delete the current lineCtrlShiftKK
Decrease / increase indent for the current line or selectionCtrl[ / ][ / ]
Indent the current line or selectionCtrlAlt\\
Move cursor to the matching bracketCtrlShift\\
Toggle Project left paneCtrlAltPP
Toggle Document left paneCtrlAltTT
Toggle Instructions right paneCtrlAltII
Toggle Attributes right paneCtrlAltAA
Toggle Discussion right paneCtrlAltDD
Toggle Links right paneCtrlAltLL
Toggle History right paneCtrlAltHH
Toggle full screenF11F
Open online documentationF1F1
Save the current session and exit the applicationCtrlShiftQQ
Updated for version 2.19.0