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You can export documents to a MS Excel XLSX file for sharing, printing or data processing. To export a XLSX file click File, mouseover Export and click XLSX File.

The exported XLSX file will contain one sheet (tab) for each exported ReqView document. Each exported sheet will have the same columns as the corresponding table view in ReqView.

Export Options

In the Export XLSX Options dialog, select one or more additional export options:

  • Export multiple documents in the current project — if set then all open documents will be exported, otherwise only the current document will be exported
  • Compact displayed custom attributes in a single column — if set then columns displaying custom attributes will be compacted into a single column
  • Preserve filter and sorting — if set, the exported data will be filtered and sorted the same way as the table view
  • Preserve section folding — if set then the content of collapsed sections will be ignored
  • Ignore section numbering — if set then section headings in the Description column will not be numbered
  • Ignore links to invisible objects — if set then links to filtered out objects and to objects in closed documents are ignored

After confirmation of the dialog, select an output folder storing the exported XLSX file.

Note: In the WebApp, the exported XLSX is saved in the browser download folder.


The following image illustrates a XLSX export of the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document from the Example Project with displayed Id, Description, Status, Ver. Method and Satisfies columns. Section 1 Introduction is collapsed.

Software Requirements Specification in Excel with ID, Description, Status, Ver. Method, Traceability
Updated for version 2.14.0