Export Documents to XLSX

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You can export documents to a MS Excel XLSX file for sharing, printing or data processing.

Export XLSX Files

To export a XLSX file click File, mouseover Export and click XLSX File. In the Export XLSX dialog, choose exported documents and other options. After confirmation of the dialog, select a destination for storing the exported XLSX file.

Note: In the WebApp, the exported XLSX file is saved in the browser download folder.

Export Options


  • Current document — export the current document only
  • Open documents — export all open documents from the main project or loaded linked projects
  • All documents from the main project — export all documents from the main project
  • All documents from loaded projects — export all documents from the main project or loaded linked projects

The exported XLSX file will contain one sheet (tab) for each exported ReqView document and preserve displayed columns.


  • Export displayed custom attributes in a single column — if set then columns displaying custom attributes will be compacted into a single column
  • Preserve filter and sorting — if set then the exported data will be filtered and sorted the same way as the table view
  • Preserve section folding — if set then the content of collapsed sections will be ignored
  • Ignore section numbering — if set then section headings in the Description column will not be numbered
  • Ignore links to invisible objects — if set then do not include links from / to document objects which are not visible in the exported file

Example: Export a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document into an XLSX file. Display ID, Description, Status, Ver. Method and Satisfies columns and collapse section 1 Introduction in ReqView table view before export.

Export a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) into an Excel spreadsheet from ReqView

Export with CLI

You can export ReqView documents to XLSX file using reqview export xlsx command, see Command Line > Export Documents.

Updated for version 2.16.0