Simple Yet Powerful Software and System Requirements Management

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Why ReqView?

Ease of Use

Focus on the well structured requirements and their relationships in a simple document view similar to a combination of MS Word & Excel.


Boost your productivity and edit even large documents containing thousands of objects with minimum number of clicks.


Manage requirements, tests, risks and other project artifacts in one place, no matter which process you use.


Link requirements and other objects, browse requirements traceability and analyze impact of changes before they happen.


Your project data are stored on your local drive or shared on a network drive. No project data are sent to the Internet.

Open File Format

You own ReqView data so do not need to be afraid of vendor lock-in. Your projects are stored as human readable files with open structure.

Offline Collaboration

Collaborate offline in your distributed team by storing the project on a shared network drive or in your preferred Version Control System.

Affordable Price

Use the basic ReqView features for free or choose an annual plan enabling advanced features and support.

Create Structured Documents

Edit your requirements document in a single view combining a document tree structure and a table with attributes, discussion and links.

ReqView - Create Structured Documents

Gather requirements by means of rich text description, attach images or other documents.

Customize Document Attributes

Setup attributes for requirements, test cases or risks documents fitting your process. For instance define requirements status, priority, target release or an acceptance criteria.

ReqView - Manage Requirement Attributes

Filter requirements, edit multiple requirements at once or find requirements by a full text search.

Export Document to HTML

Choose from predefined or your custom HTML templates and generate easily a HTML report with navigable links preserving displayed columns, filter and sorting.

ReqView - MS Word Report

Import the HTML report into MS Word, add title page, table of contents and adjust paragraph styles.

Manage Traceability Links

Setup custom traceability links between requirements and other objects. For instance, manage satisfaction links to high level business requirements or verification links from related tests.

ReqView - Manage Traceability Links

Browse the document structure and the traceability matrix in a single view.

Customize Traceability Reports

Create HTML templates for multi-level traceability reports with your custom layout. Extend traceability information by attributes of linked objects, such as user story acceptance or test status.

ReqView - Customize End-to-end Traceability Reports

Visualize end-to-end traceability from business needs via project requirements to tests.

Reuse Document Templates

Create a new document using a standard or custom requirements engineering template with predefined structure of sections, configuration of custom attributes and traceability links.

ReqView - Reuse Document Templates

Reuse for instance Software Requirements Specification (IEEE 830-1998 SRS) document template.

Review Requirements

Discuss requirements in your team and update status of reviewed requirements.

Track Changes

Track change of any attribute in requirement history. Manage document revisions in your VCS.

Work Offline

Work anywhere on any desktop PC or Mac. Your data are stored locally not on any server.

Import Document

Import existing documents from Word, Excel or import ReqIF files from IBM Rational DOORS.

Export Document

Export document into Word HTML file or into CSV file for import into Excel.

Share Documents

Encrypt documents and share them with colleagues via Google Drive.

Managing Requirements in Excel?

Solve issues with ambiguous requirement description, incomplete requirements, inconsistent traceability links and missing audit trail.

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