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Requirements Project V Model Traceability
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Why ReqView?

Ease of Use

Capture well-structured requirements in a familiar tabular view resembling MS Word and Excel.


Manage requirements, tests, risks, and other project artifacts in one place using any process.


Link requirements and other objects. Browse the requirements traceability matrix and generate multi-level traceability reports.


Comply with the highest security standards simply because no project data are sent to the Internet.

Offline Collaboration

Collaborate with a distributed team by storing the project on a shared network drive or in your Version Control System.

Open File Format

No need to be afraid of vendor lock-in. ReqView project data are human readable files with an open file structure.

Reasonable Price

Use the basic ReqView features for free, or choose an annual plan enabling advanced features and remote support.

Trusted by Customers

From A&D, Automotive, Medical Devices and Other Safety Critical Industries

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Reuse Requirements Specification Templates

Create requirements specifications based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148:2018 standard, Volere process or your custom document templates.

ReqView — Requirements Specification Templates Based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148 Standard

Follow detailed template instructions or download example requirements projects to learn how to start.

Adjust Project Data Model

Flexibly configure your project documents and traceability. ReqView scales from Agile SW development projects to complex system development projects adopting V-Model methodology.

ReqView — Custom Project Data Model

Customize link types to enable easier requirements traceability analysis.

Capture Structured Requirements

Capture a structured document in an easy-to-use tabular view displaying the document hierarchy, requirement description, attributes, discussion, and traceability links.

ReqView — Create Structured Documents

Describe requirements with a rich text editor, attached images, PDF files, or other documents.

Manage Requirements

Set up custom attributes for requirements, test cases, and risks for your process. For instance, you can track requirements status, priority, target release, or describe acceptance criteria.

ReqView — Manage Requirement Attributes

Copy or move objects or whole sections. Edit selected attribute values all at once.

Review Requirements

Filter requirements matching an advanced logical condition evaluating requirement description, attributes, and traceability links. Find keywords using the full text search.

ReqView — MS Word Report

Comment on requirements and update their customer or supplier status.

Manage Traceability Links

Link related requirements, tests, risks, and other project information. Browse the requirements traceability matrix in the context of the source or target document structure.

ReqView — Manage Traceability Links

Add traceability columns to display custom information about linked objects.

Manage Project Risks

Manage project risks using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) or other risk management methodology. For each potential risk, capture mitigation actions.

ReqView — Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Link project risks to related high-level business or functional requirements.

Generate Multi-level Traceability Reports

Adjust templates for multi-level traceability reports to match your custom layout. Analyze traceability information including important attributes of linked objects, such as user story acceptance or test status.

ReqView — Generate Multilevel Traceability Reports

Visualize end-to-end traceability between business needs, requirements, tests, and risks.

Export Requirements Reports

Customize an HTML report template and generate a report preserving displayed columns, filters, sorting, and navigable traceability links.

ReqView — MS Word Report

Create MS Word documents with custom title pages, table of contents, and paragraph styles.

Track Changes

Browse the history of changes to track changed requirements attributes, comments, or traceability links. Review changes between project versions in a unique side-by-side comparison view.

ReqView — Side-by-side Comparision of Requirements Documents

Manage project revisions in your favorite Version Control System (VCS).

Collaborate Offline

Work anywhere on any PC or Mac. Open a shared project from a network drive, lock a document for exclusive edit, and update it offline.

Share Projects

Share a project with your suppliers or customers by uploading to Google Drive. Optionally, protect a shared project with a strong encryption.

Import Document

Import existing documents from Word or Excel, or import ReqIF files from IBM Rational DOORS.

Export Document

Export a document into HTML or CSV format using a custom export template.


Are you Managing Requirements in Excel?

Solve issues with ambiguous requirement descriptions, incomplete requirements, inconsistent traceability links, and missing audit trails.

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