Import and Export ReqIF Files

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Migrate requirements projects from other RM tools (IBM DOORS) or import/export chosen requirements specifications via ReqIF files. Use ReqView as ReqIF viewer or reader.

Exchange Requirements Between Tools

Our customers asked us to enable requirements exchange with other requirements management (RM) tools used by OEMs and their suppliers. These are mainly automotive, aerospace, and defense projects. The most popular tools on these markets are Rational DOORS and DOORS Next Generation (DNG) by IBM, Polarion Requirements by Siemens, Windchill by PTC, and Visure. However, they are pretty complex and expensive. Our customers prefer ReqView because of its simplicity, ease of use, powerful traceability capabilities, open file format, integration with a version control system (VCS), offline collaboration, etc.

The typical use cases for exchanging requirements are:

  • Migrate requirements projects from another RM tool to ReqView.
  • Import high-level requirements managed in another RM tool. For instance, you might need to share stakeholder requirements specifications, your business requirements, or international standards with requirements projects managed in ReqView.
  • Export requirements managed in ReqView into other product life-cycle management (PLM) tools to preserve end-to-end traceability, e.g. for testing & validation or model-based systems engineering (MBSE).
  • Round-trip exchange stakeholder requirements with a customer during the requirements clarification process.

Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF)

Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) is an open industry standard for exchanging requirement documents between RM tools. It is based on a generic XML format and supports the synchronization of complete requirement documents. It preserves requirements hierarchy, traceability, data types, attributes definitions, rich text formatting, and attachments. More info 

Import ReqIF From RM Tools

You can import requirements from ReqIF packages including their hierarchy, attributes, relations, and attachments using an automatic one-click import process. More info 

To start the import process, click File, mouseover Import, and select ReqIF Package. Then choose a ReqIF package to import in the file picker dialog. The ReqIF package will be parsed and the Configure ReqIF Import dialog will display a simple initial configuration. Press the OK button to import the chosen specifications as new documents into your current project.

Optionally, press the Autofill button to load advanced configuration for advanced import scenarios:

  • Choose which ReqIF specifications (documents) to import
  • Set ReqView document properties
  • Set ReqView object attributes from ReqIF specification objects

Note: ReqView supports one-time import of the latest ReqIF version 1.2 only. Iterative import and update from ReqIF is planned for ReqView 2.15.

Export ReqIF to RM or MBSE Tools

You can export requirements from ReqView into a ReqIF file and import it to a 3rd party tool used by your team or partners. To export selected ReqView documents into a ReqIF file, click File, mouseover Export, and click ReqIF Package. More info 

Note: If you export a ReqView document imported from a ReqIF file then do not import the ReqIF file exported from ReqView back into the 3rd party tool storing the original requirements. We plan to introduce support synchronization of requirements between ReqView and a 3rd party RM tool later, see ReqIF Roundtrip Synchronization feature request in the RoadMap.

How to Export ReqIF to IBM Rational DOORS

IBM Rational DOORS is a family of requirements management tools, which has been used widely for the development of complex SW / HW products in the aerospace & defense, automotive, and railway industries.

Open Software Requirements Specification (SRS) exported from ReqView in IBM DOORS Next Generation (DNG)

For more information how to export ReqIF files from ReqView into IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG) see Export to ReqIF > Import to DOORS.

How to Export ReqIF to Capella

Capella is an open-source Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) tool originally developed by Thales. It is available as part of the Eclipse PolarSys project now. It supports the popular Arcadia system and software architecture engineering method.

Open Software Requirements Specification (SRS) exported from ReqView in Capella

For more information how to export ReqIF files from ReqView into Capella see Export to ReqIF > Import to Capella.

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