ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148 Requirements Specification Templates

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ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148:2018ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard — Systems and software engineering — Life cycle processes — Requirements engineering is the latest international standard describing requirements engineering processes for development of software and hardware products.

It obsoletes the well known standard for software requirements specifications: IEEE 830-1998IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications.

Requirements Specifications

You can reuse Document Templates for the following standard requirements specifications:

  • Business Requirements Specification (BRS) describing business or mission requirements,
  • System Operational Concept (OpsCon) describing stakeholder needs,
  • Stakeholder Requirements Specification (StRS) describing stakeholder requirements,
  • System Requirements Specification (SyRS) describing system requirements,
  • Software Requirements Specification (SRS) describing software requirements.

These Document Templates preserve structure of sections provided in the standard and define requirements attributes supporting the requirements process described in the standard.

Template Instructions

The standard provides detailed information about the requirements engineering process for software and system products and we strongly recommend it as the primary source of information for using the Document Templates in your projects.

If you create a new document from one of the templates above (see Create Documents) then the application displays detailed guidance from the standard in the Instructions pane:

Instructions from the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148:2018 standard

Another useful source of information is the Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) by the Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering (BKCASE) governed by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) and the IEEE Computer Society.


IdidstringUnique identifier within the document
HeadingheadingstringShort name of the document section or the requirement
TexttextxhtmlIntent of the requirement
OwnerownerstringThe person or element of the organization that maintains the requirement
PrioritypriorityenumRequirements importance for the stakeholder relative to the whole project
SourcesourcestringSource of the requirements, e.g., name of the person who raised the requirement or reference to a related standard
RationalerationalexhtmlExplanation of the reason why the requirement is needed
DifficultydifficultyenumAssumed difficulty of the requirement
TypetypeenumType of the document object — Section, Information, Functional Requirement, Non-functional Requirement
StatusstatusenumRequirements status supporting your workflow
Verification MethodverMethodenumVerification method — Test, Demonstration, Inspection or Analysis


Check Sample Software Requirements Specification (SRS) in the Example Project:

Example Software and System Requirements Specification for ReqView based on the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148:2018 standard


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