Google Drive Integration

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Set up the Google Drive integration to publish ReqView Project Files to your Google Drive cloud service and share them with your team. Once you upload a document to Google Drive, it can be opened directly from Google Drive in the ReqView WebApp or opened in ReqView WebApp directly from the Google Drive UI.

Note: Google Drive implements a Last Write Wins strategy without file locks. Editing users must coordinate to ensure no overwriting of document versions, for example by email or Slack.

Access Authorization

Before you can use Google Drive from ReqView, you must authorize ReqView to access your Google Drive. The Google Drive Request for Permission dialog opens automatically the first time you try to download or upload a document from Google Drive:

Google Drive permission dialog

Note: You can revoke access for ReqView at any time. For more information, see Authorizing third-party websites to access your account. The authorization procedure is usually only needed once. However, you must repeat the procedure after revoking access.

Upload Documents

To upload a Project File for the opened project to Google Drive, click File and select Upload As, or press CtrlU. The uploaded document is stored in your Google Drive root folder. ReqView remembers its reference in order to update it later. For more information, see the Update Document Revision section below.

Download Documents

To open a document from Google Drive, click File and select Download. Choose a ReqView document from the Google Drive file picker dialog:

Download ReqView document form Google Drive dialog

Open Documents from Google Drive

To open a ReqView document directly from the Google Drive web UI, click Open with and select ReqView Desktop:

Menu: Open ReqView document form Google Drive

When ReqView is connected to your Google Drive account, you can see the ReqView Desktop button in the Open with drop-down, and the ReqView Desktop button in the preview (black) screen of the shared link. If you press this button the document opens in the ReqView Web App. You can edit it and upload the changes to Google Drive (if the user has edit Google Drive rights), or you can save the document as a local file.

If you do not see the ReqView Desktop button in the Open with drop-down, then verify that your Google Drive account is connected to ReqView. To verify this connection, open Settings and select Managing Apps in the Google Drive web application. If you do not see ReqView in the list, click Connect more apps and search for “reqview”.

Update Document Revisions

ReqView remembers the reference to the opened project from your Google Drive. Once the current project is uploaded to Google Drive or is opened from Google Drive, you can directly update the project revision stored in Google Drive. To update the project revision in Google Drive, click File and select Upload, or press CtrlU.


If you receive a failed authorization error message, follow these steps:

  1. Shut down ReqView
  2. Revoke access for ReqView in Google Drive by pressing the cog icon in the top-right corner of your Google Drive web screen, Select Manage Apps and click Options / Disconnect from Drive for the ReqView Desktop entry.
  3. Revoke your cached ReqView Desktop auth token from your Chrome auth cache. Navigate to: chrome://identity-internals/.
  4. Restart ReqView. Click File and select Download. The Google authorization dialog opens.
  5. Follow the instructions in the Access Authorization section above.
Updated for version 2.14.0