Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Windows / Linux macOS


Open a Project File CtrlO O
Open a Project Folder CtrlShiftO O
Save the project with updating the opened Project File or Folder (Chrome App only) CtrlS S
Upload the project to Google Drive CtrlU U
Quit ReqView with closing the current project CtrlQ Q


Refresh the view F5 F5
Toggle Contents left pane CtrlAltT T
Toggle Attributes right pane CtrlAltA A
Toggle Discussion right pane CtrlAltD  
Toggle Links right pane CtrlAltL L
Toggle History right pane CtrlAltH H
Expand or collapse the selected section CtrlSpace Space
Increase font size in the Requirements Table CtrlAltnum + num +
Decrease font size in the Requirements Table CtrlAltnum - num -
Toggle full screen F11  
Print the current document CtrlP P


Move focus up / down in the document structure / /
Move focus page up / down in the document structure PgUp / PgDn PgUp / PgDn
Move focus to the parent () / the first child () / the previous () sibling / the next sibling () Ctrlarrow  
Go to the object with a given ID CtrlG G
Enter searched keyword CtrlF F
Search the next document object F3 F3
Search the previous document object ShiftF3 F3
Enter document filter CtrlShiftF F
Enable or disable document filter CtrlAltF F
Document Structure
Add a new item after the selected object CtrlEnter
Add a new item as child of the selected object CtrlShiftEnter
Add a new item before the selected object CtrlAltEnter
Delete / undelete the selected objects including all children CtrlDel
Purge the selected deleted objects including all children CtrlShiftDel
Move the selected object up or down in the document structure CtrlShift / /
Promote or demote the selected object CtrlShift / /
Copy the selected objects to the application and system clipboard CtrlC C
Cut selected objects to the application clipboard CtrlX X
Paste objects from the application clipboard CtrlV V
Document Objects
Open editor for the selected attribute Enter
Edit the header of the selected object CtrlH H
Edit the description text of the selected object CtrlE E
Comment the selected object CtrlM M
Add a file attachment to the selected object CtrlShiftA A
Start link from the selected objects CtrlL L
End link at the selected objects CtrlShiftL L
Clear suspect flag of all outgoing links of the selected objects CtrlJ J
Cancel selection of link source and target Esc
Rich Text Editor
Switch between header and text description edit mode Tab
Copy text to the clipboard CtrlC C
Cut text to the clipboard CtrlX X
Paste text from the clipboard CtrlV V
Undo the last change in the editor CtrlZ Z
Redo the last change in the editor CtrlY Y
Toggle bold font CtrlB B
Toggle italic font CtrlI I
Toggle underline font CtrlU U
Toggle bullet list style Ctrlnum * num *
Toggle numbered list style Ctrlnum 1 num 1
Toggle preformatted paragraph style Ctrl; ;
Toggle normal paragraph style Ctrl. .
Save changes and close the editor CtrlEnter
Close the editor without saving changes Esc


Refresh project from the Project Folder CtrlR R
Refresh the current document from the Project Folder CtrlShiftR R
Start or finish editing the current document in Exclusive Edit Mode CtrlShiftE E
Switch to the next / previous document in the project CtrlShiftPgDn / CtrlShiftPgUp PgDn / PgUp
Switch to given document in the project Ctrlnumber number


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Updated for version 2.5.0