Export to CSV

You can export the current ReqView document to a CSV file by File > Export > CSV File… menu. The CSV file can be then directly opened in MS Excel or other spreadsheet.

The exported CSV file will contain following columns:

  • internal attributes, i.e., id, heading, text, deleted
  • structural information, i.e., level column with a level number in the document hierarchy and section column storing the section number, e.g., “1.2.3”
  • custom columns, e.g., “status” or “type”

You can use the exported CSV file for data reports in MS Excel:

  1. Export a CSV file from ReqView document and place it on a shared network drive.

  2. Create an Excel sheet with data analysis and reports (e.g. PivotCharts).

  3. Connect the Excel sheet from Step 2. to an external data source given by the CSV file from Step 1.

As a result you will get a graph report based on the latest version of requirements data stored in an external CSV file:


Updated for version 2.5.1