Export Requirements to CSV

Export a requirement table with custom attributes to MS Excel using CSV file format. To export the current ReqView document to a CSV file, click File, mouseover Export, and select CSV File. You can then open the CSV file in MS Excel or another spreadsheet.

The exported CSV file contains following columns:

  • internal attributes, specifically id, heading, text, deleted
  • structural information, specifically level column with a level number in the document hierarchy and section column storing the section number, for example “1.2.3”
  • custom columns, for example “status” or “type”

Use the exported CSV file for data reports in MS Excel. For example:

  1. Export a CSV file from ReqView document and place it on a shared network drive.

  2. Create an Excel sheet with data analysis and reports (for example, pivot charts).

  3. Connect the Excel sheet from Step 2 to an external data source given by the CSV file from Step 1.

As a result, you get a graph report based on the latest version of requirements data stored in an external CSV file:

Pie Chart Report in MS Excell: Functional Requirements by State
Updated for version 2.13.0