Free with limited features

  • FREE
    limited features
  • 0
  • Download
  • Project Viewer
  • Edit Projects
    1 document &
    ≤ 150 document objects
  • Customize Attributes
    1 custom attribute
  • Manage Traceability
    internal document links
  • Print
  • Save as PDF
    single document projects
  • 99
    per user / year
  • Upgrade Buy
  • All FREE Features
  • Edit Projects
    1 document
    unlimited document size
  • Customize Attributes
    unlimited custom attributes
  • Predefined Templates
    predefined & custom templates
  • Import Documents
    Word HTML, CSV
  • Export Documents
    HTML Report, Word or Excel HTML, CSV
  • Compare Projects
    1 document
  • Get Support
    remote by portal or email

Yes. We offer 14 days free trial evaluation period of all ReqView features. You can request a trial license key and activate the key in ReqView Desktop application.

Yes. If you use the FREE or STANDARD plan then you can open any ReqView project in order to read the requirement documents, filter the project data or print the requirements table. However, you can not edit the project.

With the PRO plan you can edit projects with more documents and create traceability between objects from different documents. With the PRO plan you can also collaborate using a Project Folder stored on your network drive.

Yes. We offer interesting volume discounts for 5 and more annual licenses:

5+ licenses 5 %
10+ licenses 10 %
25+ licenses 20 %
50+ licenses 30 %

No, because the traditional permanent license model is inflexible because we can not deliver the latest features as soon as possible.

With the annual licensing model we offer premium features for an reasonable price including the maintenance with automatic SW upgrades and premium remote support. You can be always sure that you can use the latest features and have the latest fixes.

If you need to buy license for more years, then contact us to get an offer of fixed term licenses & support valid up to 5 years.

At the moment we accept only online payments by Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. The payments are processed by Braintree a PayPal Company PCI compliant payment gateway.

For large amounts or special orders we also take purchase orders and/or wire transfers, contact us for details.

After you purchase ReqView licenses you will receive by email a license key file which all ReqView users in your company should use for activating the license. For instance, if you purchase a STANDARD license for 5 users then the same license can be activated by 5 users.

If any user stops using ReqView then he should uninstall ReqView or downgrade the license to FREE plan to allow another user to activate his license.

If you have the FREE plan we can not unfortunately guarantee any kind of support. If you need help then please ask in our ReqView Discussion Forums. We check the discussion forums periodically so we may answer your question as well.

If you have STANDARD or PRO plan we will support you remotely by means of ReqView Support Portal or by email. We will try to respond as soon as possible, usually within few hours, however at most within three business days for the STANDARD plan and withing two business days for the PRO plan.

If you have PRO plan we can offer you also professional services such as custom SLA, help with importing of your project data, implementation of custom features, tool rebranding and integration with other tools. If you are interested then please contact us to get a quote.

Yes. You can upgrade your current STANDARD license to PRO before its expiration date. Your new annual PRO license will be valid one year after upgrade and you can change number of PRO users.

The price of unused STANDARD license will be subtracted from the price of PRO license. For instance, if you upgrade 3 annual STANDARD licenses after 6 months, the discount will be 50% of the price of 3 annual STANDARD licenses.

If your STANDARD license expires then purchase new PRO license.

No. We do not charge your credit card for the next year license subscription without your consent. You will receive around 1 month before your license expiration an email with instructions how to purchase the renewed license for another year to ensure continuity of using the tool.

If you do not want to renew your purchased license you do not need to do anything. ReqView will automatically downgrade to the FREE plan after expiration of your purchased license. With the FREE plan you will be still able to open your ReqView projects to read or print the documents.