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Customers managing requirements for complex HW/SW products in Word and Excel are often facing many problems. One of the main challenges is to maintain consistent traceability links. ReqView is the right requirements management tool to solve this problem. You can import Word and Excel documents into ReqView easily. However, if you need help then we can set up your ReqView requirements project and import your existing data quickly.

Flight Reservation System Case Study


  • Import complex requirements structure from Excel to ReqView
  • Import traceability links between requirements
  • Customize multilevel traceability report

Imported Data in Excel

The case study describes a business information system, which maintains business-related data within a database management system (DBMS). The case study uses three levels of requirements:

  • Business Requirements — overview the problem and state business goals to be achieved
  • High-Level Requirements — determine the chosen solution context and identify user needs (stakeholder requirements)
  • Detailed Requirements — specify UI, report, data import, export, or automated function capabilities, and the data dictionary

High-level requirements in Excel:

Original Excel File Imported to ReqView

We imported all three levels of requirements in separate structured documents in ReqView via CSV format. The case study includes few UML diagrams, which we attached into the corresponding ReqView documents ReqView manually. We defined custom attributes for each additional Excel column (type, complexity, priority, source, etc.).

ReqView Project Setup

High-level requirements in ReqView:

High-level requirements imported from Excel to ReqView

Detailed requirements — visual representation of the data model:

Detailed requirements — visual representation of the data model

High-level requirements — traceability to business goals and detailed requirements:

High-level requirements – upstream traceability to business goals downstream traceability to detailed requirements
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