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ReqView Documentation describes how you can use ReqView to create structured requirements documents, manage requirements traceability and collaborate offline on document review in your team. Check following presentation for a short overview of ReqView solution:

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 Getting Started

Install ReqView

Learn how to install ReqView Desktop application and how to activate a license file.

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Requirements Project

Learn how to open and save ReqView requirements projects and create reusable document templates.

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Review Document

Learn how to review, filter or search a structured requirements document, print it or export into PDF.

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Edit Document

Learn how to structure requirements document, set requirements attributes or discuss requirements.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn the main keyboard shortcuts with which you can easily control the application without touching your mouse.

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Example Documents

Learn from example requirements documents describing agile user stories or Software Requirements Specification.

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Custom Attributes

Learn how to customize requirement attributes to fit your requirements engineering process.

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Traceability Links

Learn how to manage and analyze traceability links between requirements and other project artifacts.

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Track Changes

Learn how to use requirements history to track changes of each document object and how to represent document baselines.

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Team Collaboration

Learn how to setup the project in order to collaborate in a team on reviewing and editing documents.

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Compare Projects

Learn how to compare a project with a baseline Project File storing its previous version.

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Google Drive

Learn how to set up Google Drive integration in order to share ReqView documents on Google Drive.

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Import from MS Word

Learn how to import documents from MS Word preserving document structure and rich text format.

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Import from MS Excel

Learn how to import from MS Excel a table of requirements with values of custom attributes.

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Export to HTML

Learn how to export documents into HTML for printing, conversion to PDF or importing to MS Word.

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Export to CSV

Learn how to export a requirement table with custom attributes to MS Excel using CSV file format.

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Custom Export

Learn how to create a custom template for exporting a document or a project traceability report.

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File Data Format

Learn about ReqView JSON based open file data format allowing you to convert ReqView data to any tool.

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Updated for version 2.2.0