ReqView 2.17 — Reuse Table Views

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Set up document table views for your requirements management workflow and share them with your team. Organize documents for large projects in groups. Edit file attachments in external applications.

Reuse Table Views

You can set up more named table views for your specific requirements management workflow now. Table views are shared via the project file or folder; therefore, each team member can reuse them easily. Configuration of table views stores the requirements table layout (order, widths, and visibility of columns), sorting criteria, and filtering conditions.

For instance, the SRS document in the Demo Project storing SW requirements defines the following table views:

Set up document table views for your requirements management workflow in ReqView

For more information, see Table Views.

Organize Documents in Project Pane

You can organize requirements documents within each project into groups. For instance, group documents by their level in the V-model:

Organize documents into groups in ReqView

For more information, see Organize Documents.

Edit Attachments in External Application

To view or edit attachment files in the default application set by the operating system, right-click on an attachment displayed in the Description column and select View in External Application or Edit in External Application, respectively.

Attributes Summary Columns

You can create an attributes summary column displaying values of the selected custom attributes:

Attributes summary column in ReqView

For more information, see Attributes Summary Columns.

Enhanced ReqIF Import / Export

You can import OLE Attachments From DOORS via ReqIF and display them in ReqView. OLE attachments storing an image are converted to image file type and are displayed in ReqView automatically. OLE attachments storing MS Office documents are converted to the corresponding file type (.docx, .xlsx, etc.) and you can display them in MS Office after clicking on the attachment link in the Description column. Other OLE attachments are converted to .ole file type.

You can select Use numeric ReqIF.ForeignID in objects option when you export requirements to Capella or other tools which do not accept full IDs with document ID prefix.

Filter Discussions by Keyword

You can filter all document objects matching a keyword in a discussion. For instance, set the filter to  Discussion: "@tom" to match document objects containing the keyword “@tom” in a comment.

Filter requirements with a comment requesting review from a user in ReqView

You can use this approach to request a team member to review a requirement. For more information, see Filter Discussion.