ReqView 2.1 - Document Exclusive Edit Mode

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We have released ReqView 2.1.0 with Document Exclusive Edit Mode, Advanced Filter, various Traceability Improvements and Importing Changes from CSV.

Document Exclusive Edit Mode

If you open a Project Folder then all documents are locked and you can not change them. You can start editing any document exclusively using Project > Start Editing Document menu or by CTRLSHIFTE shortcut. No other user can edit the document at the same time until you finish your changes by Project > Finish Editing Document menu or by CTRLSHIFTE.

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Advanced Filter

You can now filter combination of several conditions using AND, OR and NOT logical operators (in DNF). For example, you can use following filter:

[As a(n): Editor] AND [I Want: open | save] OR [As a(n): Architect] AND [I Want: create]

to match all user stories in which an editor can open or save or an architect can create.

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Update Document from CSV

You can now easily update attributes of more objects from a CSV by File > Import > CSV File > Update Document menu. For instance, you can update status of tests (failed or passed) or FMEA rating of project risks stored in other applications.

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Traceability Improvements

  • You can reverse link direction or change link type from the right-click context menu.
  • In the Paste menu opened after CTRLV shortcut you can choose to copy all traceability links from original objects to their copies or to create origin link from the copies to their original objects.
  • Using View > Parent Link menu you can optionally show parent in the document hierarchy in the Links column or pane.
  • Using View > Origin Links menu you can optionally show origin of copied objects and all inherited links from the origin in the Links column or pane.

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You can now create a new document describing project risks using a predefined FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) document template.