ReqView Beta 2.2.0 M2 — Installable Windows Application

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We have released beta of ReqView Desktop WindowsApp providing a convenient installer and auto update mechanism.

ReqView has made a major step from a web application towards a native desktop application. You can now install and run it on Windows (7+) independently on Chrome or Firefox browsers.

We have also dressed ReqView into a modern looking flat visual style:

ReqView native application for Windows


The new WindowsApp has the same set of features as the ChromeApp. You can save your ReqView project either as a local Project File or Folder, use Document Exclusive Edit Mode feature, ...

The main differences between features of the WindowsApp and ChromeApp are following:

  • Installation — the WindowsApp is installed from a Windows installation package which can be downloaded from the ReqView web page.
  • Automatic Updates — the WindowsApp is automatically updated from ReqView update server, not from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Print — the WindowsApp opens the system Print dialog while the ChromeApp opens the Chrome Print dialog. If you want to save a PDF file instead of printing the current document you can check Save as PDF option in ReqView Print Options dialog:
    Save ReqView document as PDF
  • Google Drive — the WindowsApp does not support Google Drive integration (from security reasons). If you want to download or upload files to Google Drive please use Google Drive for Windows application.

From ChromeApp to WindowsApp

Because Google announced in 2016 sunset of Chrome Applications on desktop platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) we encourage all ReqView ChromeApp users to test the new WindowsApp and migrate to it during the first half of 2017. We plan to release a stable WindowsApp version at the end of January.

According to the latest Google plan, the Chrome Applications will no longer be displayed in the Chrome Web Store from desktop platforms in the second half of 2017 and they will stop running completely in early 2018. From this perspective, we plan to support the ReqView ChromeApp until the end of 2017.