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ReqView Beta 2.2.0 M1 — Compare Requirements Documents


We have just released beta of Compare Project feature allowing to compare the current project with other project version and print a comparison report.

With this new feature you can compare the current project with an older project baseline or with a project version edited by other user. You can easily review changes between documents using a unique side by side comparison view highlighting changes of attributes, comments, traceability links and structural changes in the context of both compared documents.

Compare Project Dialog

You can compare the current project with other project version by File > Compare menu item. After you select a Project File for comparison (e.g. a baseline which you have reviewed last time) the application opens Compare Project dialog:

Compare a requirements document with its baseline

Compare Views

In the Compare Project dialog you can switch between project documents. For each document, you can review the changes in 2 views: Theirs view corresponding to the opened Project File, and Mine view corresponding to your current project version.

New changes matched in the current project history of changes are highlighted in the Mine view. Changes which are not matched in the current project history of changes are highlighted in Theirs view. However, objects deleted and purged in Mine view are presented only in Theirs view now.

Displayed Columns

Both Theirs and Mine views display by default only two columns: document object ID and the description with a summary of changes shown under text description. You can optionally show additional columns by clicking on  icon.

Reviewing Changes

You can iterate changes in each view using , , and toolbar buttons. You can also print Theirs or Mine view or save it to PDF by toolbar button.

Compare Algorithm

The application compares changes in the system attributes (heading, text, deleted), custom attributes (e.g. status, priority), discussion, traceability links and structural changes such as new / deleted / moved document objects in two versions of the same project.

There can be new or removed documents in both compared projects however both projects should have the same traceability definitions of custom attributes for each document which is in both projects.

Next Steps

We are working on further improvements of Compare Project dialog usability and removing some limitation of the compare algorithm. In the next step we will implement Project Merge feature with which you will be able to merge changes from Theirs view into the current project displayed in Mine view.