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ReqView 2.8.0 — Export DOCX and XLSX Files


We are excited to announce ReqView 2.8.0 introducing enhanced export of MS Word and MS Excel files.

Export MS Word DOCX Files

You can export the current document with Book, Table or Custom layout using File > Export > DOCX File menu. Choose the default DOTX template or a custom DOTX / DOCX template defining the title page, table of content, headers, footers and paragraph styles.

Export ReqView Software Requirements Specification (SRS) to MS Word DOCX format

See Export to DOCX documentation section for more information.

Export MS Excel XLSX Files

You can export the current document with Table layout using File > Export > XLSX File menu.

ReqView Software Requirements Specification (SRS) exported to MS Excel XLSX format

See Export to XLSX documentation section for more information.

Logical Expressions

Use and, or and not export helpers for convenient evaluation of logical conditions.

Example: Output the document object ID as the prefix of the text description for all document objects with text attribute set or without any children.

{{#formatPrefixedXHTML text}}
{{#if (or text (not child))}}[{{docObjId}}]{{/if}}


Enhanced URLs

Enter a URL starting with file:// prefix (e.g file://X:/Document.pdf) in the Edit dialog and click on the URL to open the linked file in the default application.

You can also enter a URL starting with onenote:// prefix (e.g onenote://X:/ in the Edit dialog and click on the URL to open the linked note in MS One Note application.

If you mouse hover an external link to display the URL in the tooltip.