ReqView 2.5 — Native Mac Application

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We have released ReqView 2.5.0 introducing native Mac application and ability to open a project from command line.

Native Mac Application

If you are working on Mac then we have some great news for you. We have officially released the native ReqView application for Mac:

ReqView native application for Mac

You can get it running is 3 simple steps:

  1. Download ReqView DMG image from the Download page.
  2. Double click on the downloaded DMG image and then drag & drop ReqView icon into the Applications folder.
  3. Open Finder and open ReqView from the Applications folder.

The application will be updated automatically as soon as we release a new version. Do not worry.

Opening Project from Command Line

You can start ReqView Windows, Linux or Mac application from command line and open a given Project File as follows:

$ reqview open -p path/to/project_file.reqw

Similarly, you can also open a Project Folder:

$ reqview open -p path/to/project_folder

Improved Visual Style

Can you find at least 10 differences with the previous version 2.4?

Improved visual style in ReqView v2.5

Actually, there are much more changes in the visual style. The most obvious is using the system font depending on your platform and lighter icons.

How do you like it?