ReqView 2.3 — Native Linux Application

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We have released ReqView 2.3.0 which is now also available as a native application for Linux. It introduces Calculated Columns, Traceability Columns, English Spell Checker and other exciting features.

Calculated Columns

You can add a template column displaying live dynamic content directly in the application UI. For instance, you can add a column calculating the risk priority number (RPN):

Template column calculating Risk Priority Number (RPN)

Traceability Columns

The template column can also display list of linked objects across multiple traceability levels including attributes of linked objects.

For instance, you can add a column giving you end-to-end traceability view from the top level user stories (NEEDS) via requirements (SRS) down to validation records (TESTS):

Template column displaying downstream traceability coverage

Export CLI

You can export custom reports from a project without user interaction using simple Command Line Interface (CLI). This will allow you to track easier issues in your custom export templates and automate generation of the latest HTML documentation.


$ reqview export <options>
Export Options:
--project, -p Exported project file or folder
--doc, -d ID of the exported document
--template, -t Export template file
--output, -o Output directory


$ reqview export -p reqview_demo.reqw -d NEEDS -t export/templates/HTMLReportTemplate.html -o export/out

English Spell Checker

You can enable now English spell checker in the native ReqView Windows and Linux application:

English spell checker in ReqView

Linux Application

You can easily install ReqView Desktop LinuxApp on 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04+ LTS, Debian 8+ LTS, Mint 17+ LTS and other Linux distributions supporting the Debian package management tools:

ReqView native application for Linux

You can update traceability links of multiple document objects from CSV. In Excel create a CSV file with id column storing document object ID and a column per each updated traceability link type storing list of link target objects, e.g. satisfaction column. Then import the CSV by File > Import > CSV File > Update Document.