ReqView 2.3.0 Beta 5 — Native Linux Application

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We have released the 5th beta of ReqView v2.3.0 which can be run as a native Linux application.

You can easily install ReqView Desktop LinuxApp on 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04+ LTS, Debian 8+ LTS, Mint 17+ LTS and other Linux distributions supporting the Debian package management tools. For other Linux distributions you will need to install dependencies manually.

ReqView native application for Linux

If you want to test the ReqView Beta LinuxApp, then:

  1. Download the latest .deb package from the ReqView Download page.

  2. Install the downloaded .deb package as follows:

    $ sudo apt-get -f install ReqView-<version>-linuxapp-x64.deb
  3. Run ReqView Beta

    $ reqview_beta &