ReqView 2.2 — Native Windows Application

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We have released ReqView 2.2.0 delivered also as a native Windows Application. It features Project Comparison, Suspect Links, Custom Order of Documents and improved CSV Roundtrip Synchronization.

Windows Application

ReqView has made a major step from a web application towards a native desktop application. You can now install and run it on Windows (7+) independently on Chrome or Firefox browsers.

ReqView native application for Windows

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Project Comparison

You can compare the current project with an older project baseline or with a project version edited by other user. At the moment you cannot merge changes from one version to another.

Compare a requirements document with a baseline

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You can propagate changes of high level objects to the downstream linked objects by maintaining suspect flag for traceability links. For instance, any change in a user need (the satisfaction link target) becomes visible as a suspect link flag the linked SRS requirements (where the satisfaction links start). The suspect flags notify author of the SRS document that he should update the linked SRS objects. Then he can clear the link suspect flags to be notified about the future changes.

Clear suspect link flag

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Custom Order of Documents

You can change order of documents by drag and drop of document tabs. If your project was opened from a Project File then the new order is saved when you save the Project File. However if your project was opened from a Project Folder then the new order is immediately saved into the Project Folder to minimize editing conflicts.

CSV Roundtrip Synchronization

In the previous version you could import new document objects from and update the existing object only from separate CSV files. We have simplified roundtrip updates via CSV files — you can import new objects and update existing objects from a single CSV file.

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