ReqView 2.0.2

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We have released ReqView 2.0.2 with Custom Traceability Reports and template for User Stories document.


  • Custom Traceability HTML Reports — create a custom export template for traceability reports displaying information from linked objects across one or more levels; create custom multilevel end-to-end traceability HTML reports
  • Custom CSV Export — create a custom template for exporting document into a CSV file
  • User Stories Document Template — created predefined document template for storing user stories in "As a (type of user), I want (some goal), so that (some reason)" form and an example document NEEDS in the demo project


  • Fixed exception when a document template was opened when there is no current project
  • Fixed problem that links could not be created the right Links pane
  • Fixed misbehavior of CtrlEnter shortcut in Create Links dialog
  • Fixed extension of the exported file to match the extension of used custom export template
  • Fixed transparent display of File Open message dialog for more than one second