ReqView 2.0.0 — Projects with Multiple Documents

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We have just released ReqView Desktop 2.0.0 with Multiple Documents and Links Between Documents.

Traceability of requirements project

New Features and Enhancements

  • Project Containing More Documents — separate project data into different documents (e.g. requirements and tests)
  • Project Folders — store project as separate document and attachment files on local file system (Chrome App)
  • Exclusive Edit Lock — share Project Folder on a network drive and open it for exclusive edit or read only (Chrome App)
  • External Document Links — setup traceability links between documents from the same project
  • Copy and Move Data Between Documents — copy and move selected objects between documents, copy HTML and CSV to system clipboard
  • Copy Data to Other Applications — copy the selected objects as HTML and CSV to the system clipboard to be pasted to another application, e.g., Word, Excel or an email client
  • Project Templates — create custom project templates containing multiple documents
  • Project HTML Report — export HTML files with URL links for all documents in the project
  • Excel HTML Export — export HTML which can be directly opened in MS Excel preserving rich text style and formatting of description column including section number, heading and the text description
  • Custom Separator for CSV Export — choose a separator for CSV export according to your country or region preferences to directly open the CSV file in MS Excel
  • Show / Hide Images — show / hide image attachments in the current document and delayed load of image attachments after opening the project
  • Document ID Prefix — enable / disable showing document ID prefix for object IDs
  • Attributes Pane Ordering — order attributes in the Attributes pane according to columns in the Requirements Table
  • JSON Validator — validate JSON format of custom attributes and traceability definition with better error messages
  • Activation of PRO License