Our vision is to develop unique requirements management tool which

Is Flexible

Hierarchical Structure
Custom Attributes and Links
Agile and Traditional Processes

Boosts Productivity

Easy to Use UI
Fast Response Time
Keyboard Shortcuts

Has Reasonable Price

Free with Limited Features
Flexible Pricing Plans
Including Support

Stores Data at User Side

Open File Format
Secure Local Storage
On Premise SW Components


Works Anywhere

Offline Mode
Web Browser Client
PC / Mac and Mobile Client

Supports Collaboration

Files Stored in VCS
Team Collaboration Server
Sharing in Google Drive

  Version 2.3 - September/October 2017

  Spell Checker - check spelling during editing (WindowsApp)
  Suspect Flag for Origin Links - propagate changes from original objects to their copies
  Filter Suspect Links - filter objects with an outgoing suspect link
  Export CLI - export a document into HTML using a custom template from command line
  Show Project History - open a dialog displaying a table with all project changes sorted chronologically
  Review Mode - export document for review, review the document with limited rights and merge changes back

  Product Backlog

  Realtime Team Collaboration Server - edit concurrently a project stored on your server (on premise)
  ReqIF Roundtrip Synchronization - roundtrip synchronization of project data with other RM tools via ReqIF
  Custom Traceability Columns - display properties of the linked objects in a custom traceability column
  Search and Replace - search string in the whole document and replace it in more objects at once
  Merge - merge changes from a document revision
  Split & Merge Requirements - split the current requirement into two or merge more selected requirements into one
  Glossary - store common definitions in a project glossary
  Traceability View - overview traceability in a graphical or matrix view
  Support for Tablets - optimize UI for touch input and smaller screen
    ... and more
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