Release Notes

Table of Contents


  • Fixed jump of vertical scroll position after editing custom attributes in an inline editor

New Features and Enhancements

  • Traceability Column Wizard
    • Add a new custom traceability column easily using Document > Add Template Column > Traceability Wizard menu
    • Filter iterated traceability links by link type or linked document
    • Choose to display description or also a custom attribute
    • Iterate up to three traceability levels
    • Preview template column output for the selected requirement
    • Show generated template code
  • Project Traceability Wizard
    • Configure project traceability intuitively using Project > Project Traceability menu
    • Choose to edit types of traceability links in a table or directly in JSON code according to your preference
  • PDF Export
    • Export open documents into a PDF file using File > Export > PDF File menu
    • Choose Book or Custom layout
    • Set page size, orientation and margin
    • Digitally sign the exported PDF
  • Share URL Links
    • Copy the URL of the current requirement by clicking on the button in the context toolbar or pressing CtrlK shortcut
    • Paste URL links into other applications
    • Paste URL links into xhtml attributes in other ReqView projects
    • Click on URL links to navigate to the related requirement in ReqView
  • Link Browsing History
    • Go back and forward in link browsing history using / toolbar buttons or Alt / shortcut
  • Refresh Project on Startup**
    • Select Edit > Preferences > Refresh project folders on startup to refresh projects open from a project folder automatically when ReqView is started
  • Output to application log file stored in the application data folder
  • Allow empty configuration in the Project Traceability and Document Attributes dialogs


  • Fixed project clone consistency error after a failing action (e.g. when deleting a link and the source document is read-only) and opening a new project window
  • Fixed creating links of a link type having link type ID set only
  • Fixed missing tooltips for the context toolbar
  • Fixed display of an error after the first change in the editor
  • Fixed overflow of images into the next column when printing a document into PDF
  • Fixed TOC links to be navigable by clicking in PDF files exported from a DOCX in MS Word

System Requirements

  • Application
    • WebApp: the latest desktop version of Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser
    • WinApp: Windows 10+
    • LinuxApp: Ubuntu 18.04+ LTS, Debian 10+ LTS
    • MacApp: Mac OSX 10.14+
  • Licensing
    • ReqView License Server: version 1.1.5+
  • Integrations
    • MS Office 365: Word and Excel version 2019+
    • Apache Subversion: version 1.14+

Known Issues

  • ReqView UI is not optimized for control by a touchscreen.