Release Notes

Table of Contents


  • Fixed crash of a Chrome browser tab (WebApp) or application window (WinApp, MacApp, LinuxApp) after triple click on a requirement description without heading
  • Fixed error when saving a new project by File > Save command
  • Fixed irresponsible application after saving a project as a document or project template
  • Fixed error when double clicking on application close button when the project is changed and needs to be saved
  • Fixed opening the same Project File or Folder from the second application window after Project > Close Project
  • Fixed reordering documents by drag and drop if Ctrl or Shift keys are pressed

New Features and Enhancements

  • Multiple Projects Windows
    • open another project in a new application window
    • close the opened project by closing its application window
    • close the opened project by Project > Close Project to leave the application window open
    • exit the application by File > Quit or CtrlShiftQ
    • exit the application after closing the last application window
    • restore all opened windows after starting the application next time
  • Copy Data Between Project Windows
    • copy requirements between projects windows
    • optionally copy attribute values and attachments
  • Open Recent Project — choose a recent project to open from File > Open Recent menu
  • Image Preview — right click on an image attachment and choose Preview Image from the context menu to preview the image in a dialog
  • Rich Text Editor Enhancements
    • switch between normal and code paragraph style using a toolbar button or Ctrl; shortcut
    • insert a symbol (latin, greek, currency or math characters) using a toolbar button
    • undo / redo toolbar buttons
  • Numeric Filter on Template Columns — filter document objects matching values output in a template column with a numeric condition. For instance, filter all potential causes in FMEA with RPN greater or equal 50 by
  • Enhanced Export Helpers
    • repeat — repeat the block content a specified number of times
  • Display close button for all dialogs
  • Moved Document > Document View menu to View > Table Layout


  • Fixed hidden image attachments when refreshing the current document from the shared Project Folder after another user changed the document
  • Fixed update of the default document table layout when refreshing the current document from the shared Project Folder after another user changed the default layout
  • Fixed lost non-breaking spaces after saving and reopening project
  • Fixed saving of documents without history after updating project traceability configuration
  • Fixed application freeze when saving a document with more than 15 section levels
  • Fixed error when saving a document template from a document containing a dash in its ID
  • Fixed validation of empty project ID and name in Save Project as File dialog
  • Fixed adding, deleting and refreshing a document if the project contains another document with the same ID followed by a dash and an arbitrary suffix
  • Fixed deleting the document lock file after deleting a document from the Project Folder
  • Fixed removing of attachment files from the Project Folder after deleting a document
  • Fixed progress dialogs and error messages for actions accessing Project Folder locks
  • Fixed closing of the project after a document is refreshed from file, which has been manually corrupted
  • Fixed error message when opening a Project Folder with missing attachment file
  • Fixed selection of header input field when editing Description column in the inline editor
  • Fixed action for adding the first object into an empty document to be enabled after starting exclusive edit of the document
  • Fixed error when purging selected document objects marked as deleted which are in transitive (but not direct) parent-child relationship
  • Fixed performance of promote / demote action in documents containing a large number of document objects at the same single level
  • Fixed lost line endings after creating a code block with multiple lines or after pasting multiple lines into a code block
  • Fixed storing of date attributes as date only instead in full UTC date-time format
  • Fixed error "Cannot convert value" after removing a document attribute and then adding a new attribute with the same id and a different incompatible type.
  • Fixed export of corrupted DOCX if the exported document has a space in its ID
  • Fixed export of boolean attributes
  • Fixed usage of template helper hyperlink within scope of eachChild block helper
  • Fixed error when exporting a custom template using a variable, map or array and a template column value, which contains variable, map or array with the same name as the exported template
  • Fixed error when printing to PDF
  • Fixed display of changes of heading attribute in Compare Project dialog
  • Fixed email validation in Contact Details dialog and stripping of a white space characters at the end of user's email
  • Fixed check-out of floating license when running ReqView CLI
  • Fixed broken layout of Getting Started dialog after it is closed by pressing Esc shortcut and reopened
  • Removed Check spelling option in the Preferences dialog (WebApp)
  • Fixed restoring windows position at application startup if their are out of screen

System Requirements

  • Web Application — the latest desktop version of Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Windows Application — Windows 10
  • Linux Application — Ubuntu 16.04+ LTS, Debian 9+ LTS
  • Mac Application — Mac OSX 10.12+
  • ReqView License Server — version 1.1.2 or later

Known Issues

  • ReqView UI is not optimized for control by a touchscreen.