Beta Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

  • Import ReqIF Package (one-time)
    • Choose a .reqif, .reqifz, .xml or .zip file to import
    • Verify consistency of the imported ReqIF file
    • Select imported specifications
    • Import selected specifications automatically
    • Configure import using JSON format
      • Choose imported ReqIF attributes
      • Map imported ReqIF attributes to ReqView attributes
  • Copy Attachments From Other Applications
    • Copy an image in an application, paste it to the table view and choose an ID in the Paste Attachment dialog to attach the image to the selected requirement
    • Copy selected files in the file explorer and paste them to the table view to attach them to the selected requirement
  • Enhance Rich Text Format in the Edit dialog
    • Set underlined, strike-through, subscript and superscript text format
    • Set color of text and background
    • Quote paragraphs, increase and decrease indent
  • Check Show context toolbar option in the Preferences dialog to show or hide the context toolbar in the table view
  • Check Ignore section numbering option in Export XLSX Options dialog to show or hide section numbers in the exported XLSX file
  • Warn user if the open folder or the target folder for export is managed by a cloud synchronization service (One Drive, Dropbox or GDrive)


  • Fixed range error after importing a huge CSV file into a document
  • Fixed window synchronization error when editing a huge document with more project windows open
  • Fixed removing new lines (\n) from code blocks (<pre>) in xhtml attribute after project is saved to a new folder
  • Fixed display of change indicator when an xhtml attribute is open in a the Edit Text dialog and then is closed by pressing OK or CtrlEnter shortcut
  • Fixed display of the attachment ID in the History pane
  • Fixed display style of code blocks (<pre>) in the predefined export templates
  • Fixed error when typing a non-existing ID in Go To dialog while no document is open
  • Fixed resizing of the Edit Attributes dialog
  • Fixed check and warning if added attribute definition is not complete and user presses OK in the Edit Attributes wizard
  • Fixed selection of text of application menus and buttons after pressing CtrlA to select all text in a dialog

New Features and Enhancements

  • Project History
    • See project changes done by team members
    • Filter changes by date or author
    • Order changes by document structure or date
    • Group changes by documents
  • Dangling Links — links leading to a missing target
    • Display dangling links with a warning icon
    • Manually delete dangling links from the Link column context menu
  • Sort the table view by xhtml attributes and template columns

Removed Features

  • Encrypt the saved project file


  • Fixed releasing of file locks when comparing the project with a project folder
  • Fixed repeat of actions after its shortcut is pressed for a long time
  • Fixed closing of application window when Compare Project dialog is open
  • Fixed error handling of rate limit HTTP errors returned by Jira server
  • Fixed SVN error when the commit message is a file name (e.g. "project.json")
  • Fixed clicking on a link in exported HTML if the ID of linked documents contains a hash character
  • Fixed open of the parent link in another application window

System Requirements

  • Application
    • WebApp: the latest desktop version of Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser
    • WinApp: Windows 10+
    • LinuxApp: Ubuntu 18.04+ LTS, Debian 10+ LTS
    • MacApp: Mac OS X 11+
  • Licensing
    • ReqView License Server: version 1.1.3 or later
  • Integrations
    • MS Office 365: Word and Excel version 2019+

Known Issues

  • ReqView UI is not optimized for control by a touchscreen.