Beta Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

  • Team Collaboration via Subversion (SVN)
    • Checkout a project from a SVN repository to a local SVN working copy
    • Open a project from a local SVN working copy by File > Check out from SVN menu
    • Update the project by changes from the SVN repository by Project > Refresh Project menu or by CtrlR shortcut
    • Lock / unlock a document in the SVN repository for exclusive edit by Document > Start / Finish Editing Document menu or by CtrlShiftE shortcut
    • Get SVN information by Project > SVN Information menu
    • Commit project changes with a custom commit message after leaving document exclusive edit mode, closing the project or choosing File > Commit to SVN
    • Commit project changes automatically after adding a new document, deleting a document, reordering documents, or changing project traceability configuration
  • Set Spell Checker Language — right click in the rich text editor, select Spelling languages context menu item and choose one or more language(s) for the spell checker
  • Open Project Traceability dialog as read only and edit project traceability after pressing Edit button explicitly


  • Fixed: Cannot refresh the project from the Project Folder while another user is editing project traceability or reordering documents
  • Fixed: Save of all updated documents on CtrlS to enforce saving links to new requirements stored in other documents
  • Fixed: Application does not ask for saving the opened Project File when the project is closed and only the order of documents is changed since opening the project
  • Fixed: The project lock file is not cleaned when the application window is closed or AltF4 shortcut is pressed when Add Document dialog is opened
  • Fixed: A Project File or Folder can be opened in different windows
  • Fixed: Project Folder save fails with an error after adding a new attachment and then deleting this attachment
  • Fixed: A deleted requirement can be marked as the link end (by CtrlL), which opens Create Links dialog is opened with "No links will be created" message
  • Fixed: Clicking on a traceability link with target hidden in a collapsed section focuses the first visible parent but not the target
  • Fixed: Image attachments added or updated by other users in the shared Project Folder are not visible after Start Editing Document
  • Fixed: "Invalid format of document file" error when refreshing a document from a Project Folder while it is saved by another user at the same time
  • Fixed: Display of error "Tried to register widget with id==messageDialog but that id is already registered" after version upgrade
  • Fixed: Display of document tabs after reordering by drag and drop
  • Fixed: Holding CtrlW closes all document tabs and immediately reopens some of them
  • Fixed: Display of an empty filter input box after startup with no project opened
  • Fixed: Memory leak after closing a document tab
  • Speed up opening a project with large documents
  • Speed up scrolling of large documents

System Requirements

  • Application
    • WebApp: the latest desktop version of Chrome or Firefox browser
    • WinApp: Windows 10+
    • LinuxApp: Ubuntu 18.04+ LTS, Debian 10+ LTS
    • MacApp: Mac OSX 10.14+
  • Licensing
    • ReqView License Server: version 1.1.2 or later
  • Integrations
    • MS Office 365: Word and Excel version 2009+

Known Issues

  • ReqView UI is not optimized for control by a touchscreen.