Beta Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

  • Export Requirements From ReqView to Jira
    • Set summary, description and type of exported Jira issues
    • Preserve hierarchy of exported Jira issues (e.g. Epics > Stories > Tasks)
    • Mark requirements deleted in ReqView by "[DELETED]" prefix of the summary of the corresponding Jira issue
    • Set values ReqView document attributes from exported Jira issue fields updated in Jira (e.g. Status)
    • Follow a URL link in Jira to open the corresponding requirement in ReqView
    • Follow a URL link in ReqView to open the corresponding issue in Jira
  • Custom Attributes Wizard
    • Add or update custom attributes intuitively in the Wizard tab of the Document Attributes dialog
    • Choose to edit custom attributes in a table or directly in JSON code according to your preference


  • Fixed merging and alignment setting of more cells in embedded tables

System Requirements

  • Application
    • WebApp: the latest desktop version of Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser
    • WinApp: Windows 10+
    • LinuxApp: Ubuntu 18.04+ LTS, Debian 10+ LTS
    • MacApp: Mac OSX 10.14+
  • Licensing
    • ReqView License Server: version 1.1.2 or later
  • Integrations
    • MS Office 365: Word and Excel version 2019+

Known Issues

  • ReqView UI is not optimized for control by a touchscreen.