ReqView Beta 2.0.M4 — Copy Data between Documents

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We have just released a new beta update with which you can copy objects between documents, and copy objects as HTML or CSV to other application.

Copy Data Between Documents

You can copy the selected objects to the application clipboard by CtrlC shortcut or by button from the toolbar. If you paste the objects by CtrlV shortcut then Paste Menu is opened to select paste options.

Copy Requirements between Documents

You can copy only system attributes (heading, text), custom attributes and object discussion now. Copying of links and object attachments is planned for the next beta update.

Copy Data to Other Applications

Another new features is possibility to copy the selected requirements as HTML or CSV to the system clipboard to be pasted to another application, e.g., Word, Excel or an email client.

Performance Optimizations

This update also contains several performance optimizations for large documents. We have evaluated performance with a document consisting of more than 1200 objects, more than 10 attributes and more than 100 of attachments taking in total more than 100MB.

The general advice how to improve application performance for editing large documents is to hide unused columns by View > Table Columns menu and to collapse sections not related to the current editing task (CtrlSpace shortcut).

We introduced also a new performance related feature — Delayed Loading of Image Attachments. You can hide all attachments from menu View > Image Attachments > Hide All Images and show only selected attachments. If you want to show all images then you can enable View > Image Attachments > Show Images Automatically menu which will result in auto load of image attachments after startup or after opening a project.

If you have any special performance related considerations please let us know.