ReqView 1.0.2

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We have released ReqView 1.0.2 with export to MS Word HTML with book layout, traceability filter and support for permanent license.


  • MS Word HTML Export with Book Layout — export the Requirements Table using a new MS Word (Book) HTML template which outputs custom attributes, links and comments to the main column under the object heading and text description
  • Traceability Filter — filter objects with/without incoming or outgoing links of a specific link type; e.g., "NOT Satisfied by" matches only objects without satisfaction links such as uncovered requirements with missing tests
  • Permanent License — added support for activation of a permanent license file


  • Fixed MS Word HTML templates to resize images to a maximum width when the exported HTML file is imported into MS Word
  • Fixed occasional problem that the changed value of an enum custom attribute is not saved when the editor is closed by a mouse click out of the editor