ReqView 1.0.1

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We have released ReqView 1.0.1 with negative filtering condition and several bugfixes.


  • Negative Filtering Condition — choose “NOT” suggestion to negate the current filtering criterion


  • Fixed temporary UI freeze when editing multiple objects in the document (edit attribute, delete, undelete) with enabled filter
  • Fixed temporary UI freeze when opening a document with enabled filter
  • Fixed disabled Purge All command after applying a filter
  • Fixed Go To object command if the object is in a folded section
  • Fixed browsing links if the linked object is in a folded section
  • Fixed strange section numbering after demoting a section if the previous section is folded
  • Fixed lost current object selection after deleting / undeleting an item with active filter
  • Fixed maximum number of suggestions for the filtering criteria
  • Fixed Requirements Table column overflow after resizing columns