Tree Document Structure - organize requirements into a tree hierarchy
Table View - manage document data in a single view
Rich Text - enhance requirements text description by rich text format
Custom Attributes - customize requirements, tests, risks, and other objects
File Attachments - attach images, PDF or other documents
Traceability Links - link objects by custom link types
Traceability View - browse live view to the traceability matrix
Undelete - restore deleted objects or purge them from a document
Move - reorganize easily the document structure
Document Templates - reuse templates, e.g., IEEE 830-1998 SRS
HTML Import - import structured documents from MS Word
CSV Import - import objects from a spreadsheet
ReqView Document Structure and Rich Text Editor
Project Compare - compare two project versions side-by-side
Intelligent Filter - filter requirements by keywords or attribute values
Full Text Search - find requirements by any combination of keywords
Sorting - sort the requirements table by any attribute
Reports - generate HTML reports for review, print or export to PDF
Discussion - separate discussion thread per an object
History of Changes - track changes of any requirement attribute
Suspect Link Flag - propagate changes from high level objects downstream
Strong Encryption - encrypt documents for secure sharing via Internet
Exclusive Edit Mode - collaborate on projects stored on a shared drive
Google Drive - share requirement documents in cloud
ReqView Side-by-side Comparision of Requirements Documents
Open File Format - take full access to your data files
HTML Export - export documents to MS Word or another text processor
CSV Export - export documents to MS Excel or another spreadsheet
ReqIF Import - import requirements documents from IBM Rational DOORS
Overview of ReqView Components