Track Changes

Change Indicator

Changed objects which has not been yet saved into a Project File or Project Folder are displayed with change indicators in ID column.

History Pane

You can check history of changes for the selected object in the History Pane using View > History Pane menu or using CtrlAltH shortcut.


You can maintain suspect link flag to propagate changes of high level objects to the downstream objects linked by traceability links. A link becomes suspect if its target object changes. A suspect link is displayed with  icon:


For more information see Section Suspect Link Flag.


When the project is saved, you can choose whether to save the project history. You might want to save project as a new project baseline stored as a Project File or Project Folder with clear history.

Version Control Systems

You can store ReqView files under a version control system (such as SVN, GIT or Mercurial) to baseline document revisions and to manage requirements together with source code and other documents.

Updated for version 2.5.1