Track Requirements Changes

Change Indicator

Changed objects that you have not yet saved into a Project File or Project Folder display a change indicator in the ID column.

History Pane

Check the change history for a selected object in the History Pane by clicking View and selecting History Pane, or pressing CtrlAltH.

Maintain suspect link flags to propagate changes of high-level objects to downstream objects linked by traceability links. A link becomes suspect if its target object changes. A suspect link displays the icon:

For more information about suspect link flags, see Suspect Link Flag.


When you save a project, you can choose whether to save the project history. Tip: Save a project as a new project baseline stored as a Project File or Project Folder with clear history.

Version Control Systems

Store ReqView files under a version control system (such as SVN, GIT, or Mercurial) to baseline document revisions and to manage requirements together with source code and other documents.

Updated for version 2.10.1