Team Collaboration

Project Folder

The simplest method for resolving edit conflicts for a project is to share a Project Folder on a network drive relying on Document Exclusive Edit Mode which allows editors to work independently on different project documents at the same time.

If you open a Project Folder then all project documents are opened in Read Only Mode and you need to switch a document which you want to change into Exclusive Edit Mode before editing by Document > Start Editing Document menu or by CtrlShiftE shortcut.

When you finish your changes you can switch the document back to Read Only Mode by Document > Finish Editing Document menu or by CtrlShiftE shortcut which automatically saves your changes to the Project Folder so that another user can start to edit it.

All the exclusive edit document locks are unlocked as soon as the editor closes the project or saves the project into a different Project File or Project Folder. Please note that the shared Project Folder should be connected when you try to close the project to release properly all locks.

You can refresh the current read-only document from the Project Folder by Document > Update Document menu or by CtrlShiftR shortcut. All read-only document in the whole project can be refreshed by Project > Update Project menu or by CtrlR shortcut.

Version Control System

You can also store a ReqView Project File or Project Folder in a version control system (VCS), such as SVN, GIT, HG, etc. and solve edit conflicts similarly as for source code.

In order to minimize edit conflicts, we propose to use the following collaboration scenario:

  • one editor can change the document structure (adds new requirements, moves requirements and sections, …) at a time
  • multiple reviewers can mark requirements as deleted, change value of attributes and add new comments however they should not add new requirements or restructure the document

The changes from reviewers can be merged by a text compare & merge tool (e.g., Meld ):


This scenario covers well collaboration between a customer and its supplier assuming that requirements are created / edited by only customer or only by supplier.

Sharing in Google Drive

You can upload a Project File to Google Drive (see Google Drive Integration ) and share a link in your team. Google Drive automatically stores each saved document version allowing you to return to previous versions.

Note: Google Drive implements Last Write Wins strategy without maintaining any file lock therefore the editing users needs to be managed (e.g. by email) to not overwrite their document version.

Updated for version 2.5.1