Team Collaboration

Shared Drive

If you store a Project Folder on a shared drive then more editors can edit different documents exclusively at the same time. For instance, one editor can edit a system requirements specification document while another editor is editing a system verification document.

Local Network Drive

The easiest option is to set up a file share service using Server Message Block (SMB) file-sharing protocol on a Windows or Linux server in your local network. This configuration will result in the best performance and the highest security when the server is behind a firewall.

Cloud Drive

If local network is not an option then you can set up a file share cloud service using SMB protocol, such as Azure Files or Amazon FSx for Windows File Server.

We do not recommend mapping a network drive connected using WebDAV protocol (such as SharePoint or OneDrive) because of very poor performance.

Edit Documents Exclusively

When you open a Project Folder, all documents are open in Read Only Mode , which is indicated by icon. To switch a document into Exclusive Edit Mode, which allows an editor to modify the document, click Document and select Start Editing Document, or press CtrlShiftE.

Save your changes to the Project Folder after you modify the document so that another user can refresh the project. To switch back to Read Only Mode when you finish editing the document, click Document and select Finish Editing Document, or press CtrlShiftE.

Note: Project documents are unlocked as soon as you close the project or save the project into a different Project File or Project Folder. The shared Project Folder must be connected to close the project and release all locks.

To see changes from other team members, click Project and select Refresh Project, or press CtrlR.

Version Control System

Store a ReqView Project File or Project Folder in a Version Control System (VCS) such as SVN, GIT, HG, and solve edit conflicts similarly to source code.

To minimize edit conflicts, use the following collaboration guidelines:

  • Only one editor should change document structure at the same time (for example, add new requirements, move requirements and sections, purge deleted objects).
  • Multiple editors can mark requirements as deleted, change value of attributes and add new comments. However, no editor should change the document structure at the same time.

For example, a customer and its supplier can collaborate as long as only the customer or only the supplier create and edit requirements.

You can then merge changes using a diff and merge tool, such as Meld:

Google Drive

Upload a Project File to Google Drive and share a link with your team. Google Drive stores every saved document version allowing you to return to previous versions.

Note: Google Drive implements a Last Write Wins strategy without file locks. Editing users must coordinate to ensure no overwriting of document versions, for example by email or Slack.

Updated for version 2.9.0