ReqView Synchronizer

ReqView Synchronizer is a command line tool for importing a structured requirements document from IBM Rational DOORS by means of CSV or ReqIF format. You can also synchronize status changes and new comments from ReqView back into the original RM tool document by means of CSV roundtrip synchronization.

Note: ReqView Synchronizer is deprecated and is not officially supported. We plan to add ReqIF Roundtrip Synchronization feature in ReqView desktop application, see ReqView Roadmap.

If you need any help with importing data from DOORS or another RM tool then please contact us. We will be happy to offer custom service packages including also a custom delivery of ReqView Synchronizer.


ReqView Synchronizer is a command line tool which does not need any special installation, just unzip the downloaded package to a preferred folder.

If your Windows system does no contain Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 libraries please download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86).

Using Synchronizer

Open a Windows command line and change to the folder where you unpacked synchronizer.exe file. Then type synchronizer.exe -h to list its command line arguments.


`$ synchronizer.exe --import -i <file> -f <format> -o <file> -c <file>`


--importImports requirements data from a data source into a ReqView Project File.
-i,--input-file <file>Input file (RM tool export)
-o,--output-file <file>Output ReqView Project File
-f, --format <format>Format of the input file — “CSV” or “REQIF”
-c,--config-file <file>Configuration file (JSON)


`$ synchronizer.exe --export [--changed] -i <file> -f <format> -d <idx> -c <file> -o <file>`


--exportExports ReqView document. By default only all requirements are exported. See '--changed'.
--changedIncludes only changed requirements
-i,--input-file <file>Input ReqView Project File
-d,--doc-idx <idx>Index of the input document (Default 0)
-f, --format <format>Format of output file — “CSV”
-c,--config-file <file>Optional configuration file (JSON) with attributes mapping
-o,--output-file <file>Output file for RM tool
Updated for version 2.12.0