ReqView Synchronizer

ReqView Synchronizer is a custom command line tool for importing a structured requirements specifications from IBM Rational DOORS or other RM tools by means of ReqIF format.

Note: We offer ReqView Synchronizer as part of custom service packages for our existing customers. Please contact us to request a custom delivery of ReqView Synchronizer.


ReqView Synchronizer is a command line tool which does not need any special installation, just unzip the downloaded package to a preferred folder.

If your Windows system does no contain Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 libraries please download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86).

Using Synchronizer

Open a Windows command line and change to the folder where you unpacked synchronizer.exe file. Then type synchronizer.exe -h to list its command line arguments.


`$ synchronizer.exe --import -i <file> -f <format> -o <file> -c <file>`


--importImports requirements data from a data source into a ReqView Project File.
-i,--input-file <file>Input file (RM tool export)
-o,--output-file <file>Output ReqView Project File
-f, --format <format>Format of the input file — “CSV” or “REQIF”
-c,--config-file <file>Configuration file (JSON)


`$ synchronizer.exe --export [--changed] -i <file> -f <format> -d <idx> -c <file> -o <file>`


--exportExports ReqView document. By default only all requirements are exported. See '--changed'.
--changedIncludes only changed requirements
-i,--input-file <file>Input ReqView Project File
-d,--doc-idx <idx>Index of the input document (Default 0)
-f, --format <format>Format of output file — “CSV”
-c,--config-file <file>Optional configuration file (JSON) with attributes mapping
-o,--output-file <file>Output file for RM tool
Updated for version 2.13.0