Compare Requirements Projects

To compare the project with a Project File or Folder storing another project version (for example, a baseline), click Project, mouseover Compare Project, and select Compare File or Compare Folder.

The Compare Project dialog displays changes attributes, comments, and traceability links for each document in Theirs and Mine views side-by-side:

Side-by-side comparison of two requirements projects versions
  • Left view (Theirs): highlights changes of the compared project version not matched in the change history of the current project version, e.g., permanently removed requirements since the baseline
  • Right view (Mine): highlights changes of the current project version not matched in the change history of the compared project version, e.g., updated requirements since the baseline.

By default, two columns are displayed in both the Theirs and Mine views:

  • ID — document object ID
  • Theirs to Mine / Mine — the text description description followed by the summary of changes

To display additional columns, click icon.

To iterate to iterate over document changes, use the following toolbar buttons:

  • — move to the first change
  • — move to the previous change
  • — move to the next change
  • — move to the last change

To refresh the Mine view with changes done in another window, click icon.

To switch between Diff Theirs to Mine and Diff Theirs to Base modes, click icon. This is useful when your project history has diverged. For example, assume you opened file A, did some work on it and saved it as file B. Then you opened file A again and did further work, which you saved as file C. Using this example, the two panes of the Diff Their to Mine mode would compare files B and C, while the Diff Theirs to Base mode would compare B to A in the left pane and C to A in the right pane.

To print the current view or save it to a PDF, click icon.

To return from the Compare Project dialog, click icon.

Updated for version 2.12.0