Edit Project in More Windows

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We have released ReqView 2.11.0-beta1 allowing you to edit the project in more application windows and copy objects or create links between project windows.

  Download ReqView Beta

In ReqView 2.9.0, we introduced the possibility to open more projects in different windows and copy data between them. We have received positive feedback on how the customers increased their productivity. Some also asked to enable multiple windows for the same project to create links easier. We are happy to announce that we have just finished this improvement. In a beta version, you can try how this new feature saves your time and improves your workflow.

To edit the current project in another application window, click Project and select New Project Window. Place the new window on another monitor or place both application windows side-by-side to:

  1. View different documents from the same project at once
  2. Edit requirements in multiple project windows
  3. Compare the project with a baseline in another window
  4. Copy requirements between project windows
  5. Create links between project windows

Note: The application allows running only one editing action for a project at once. User input is blocked in all other open windows until the current edit dialog is closed.

We Need Your Feedback

Download ReqView Beta, try editing of the project from multiple windows, and let us know how we can improve this feature. Give the new feature its final shape!